Morningside-high park presbyterian church


Lending Library – September 2010

As we celebrate the beginning of the new Church School year we have some new additions to the children’s collection in the lending library.

As always you are welcome borrow from our collection, you can sign books out using the blue binder on the Library cart.

Spark Bible NRSV and Spark Story Bible are the new Bibles that we have placed in our Sunday School classes. The NRSV Bible is being used with our Grade 2 – 5 children and is the same Bible we have in our pews and pulpit, but in this case with study notes, maps and other information to help the children understand the Bible as they journey through it. The Story Bible is being used with our youngest class (ages 3 – grade 1) and is a delightfully illustrated and well told collection of Old and New Testament stories.

The Black Book of Colors by Menina Cottin and Rosana Faria was written in an attempt to convey the experience of the blind person who experiences the world through touch, taste, smell and hearing. Produced completely on black pages, the simple and elegant text which is written in white, is accompanied by a Braille translation as well as raised black line drawings that can be deciphered by touch. A full Braille alphabet is provided at the back.

One Hen, HowOne Small Loan Made a Big Difference. Written by Katie Smith Milway, this beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Kojo who lives in a small town in Ghana, West Africa. He and his mother never have much money until they are given a small loan with which they buy a hen. This is a lovingly told story that shows how small actions can work large change in the world. Truly an inspiring read especially after our children’s penny’s for change project at MHP, this summer.

God’s Dream is written by Archbishop Desomond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams is a very lovely story that shares Archbishop Tutu’s message of forgiveness and love with very young readers.

Family Based Youth Ministry addresses the task of the church as an extended family in nurturing the faith of our young people. Written by Mark Devries, a youth pastor who packs the book with challenges to us all regarding how we minister to the young in our midst and who never questions the fact that the church belongs in the life of our young people and our young people belong in the life of our church.

When we invited, Lori Ransom, the Healing and Reconciliation animator from Justice Ministries to be our Missions Speaker this year, we also asked her if she had any recommendations for our Lending Library. Here are three of them:

Three Day Road by Jospeh Boyden is a prize winning novel placed in 1919. It is a story of “brutality, survival and rebirth” which together weaves the story of Niska, an Oji-Cree medicine woman as travels three days by canoe through northern Ontario with that of her only living relative, Xavier Bird, who has been wounded in the Great War.

Shin-Chi’s Canoe, by Nicola I. Campbell is a children’s book, that tells the story of one brother and sister and their experience in the residential school system.

John S. Milloy is a professor of history and Native studies at Trent University.  His book, A National Crime, is a historical accounting of the Canadian Government and the Residential School System.